Orthodontics Treatment

A branch of dentistry which deals with the correction of teeth and jaw that is positioned unsuitably. Orthodontic treatment results in a healthier mouth with attractive appearance and longevity of a lifetime. Crooked, misshapen teeth are difficult to clean and can cause dental problems. It causes stress on chewing muscles and leads to headaches.

The following cases require Orthodontic Treatments:


The lower teeth are too forward


The upper teeth are too forward over the lower teeth


The spaces in between teeth


When there are one too many teeth for the dental area


This happens when the center of upper teeth do not line up with the center of lower teeth

There are several appliances that can be used to improve or fix the teeth. These can be fixed or they can be removable. The most common fixed appliances are Braces. While Aligners, Palatal expanders, headgears, jaw re-positioners fall under removable.