Teeth Whitening - Make Your Teeth Look White Again in 2020

Teeth Whitening - Make Your Teeth Look White Again in 2020

October 31st, 2019 by Sanjeev Sharma

Everybody desires a good smile, which is not possible with yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is an efficient way to lighten the color of teeth by several shades. It not only changes the color of the tooth but also removes stains from it. It is an easy and safe procedure and should be repeated from time to time to maintain the white teeth.

Sharma Dental Center provides safe and tested methods for teeth whitening services in Dublin, CA. We want you to smile openly. We use advanced technology and the latest equipment to illuminate your grin.


There are several reasons for yellowing and staining of the teeth. Our tooth color is determined by dentin (present under the enamel) and the reflection of light off the enamel. Thinner the enamel, more dentin will show and thus, the color of the tooth will appear yellow. Some other reasons for stained or yellow teeth are:

1. Excessive consumption of coffee, wine, cola (dark-colored beverages)

2. Use of tobacco

3.  Excessive exposure to fluoride as a child when teeth are in developing stage

4. Aging decreases whiteness of the teeth as the enamel becomes thinner and the dentin becomes darker.


There are two methods of discoloring the teeth.


It is carried out on the teeth that have live nerves. Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical used to oxidize the outer surface and hence teeth get discolored. Whitening can be done in the dentist’s clinic or at the patient’s homes.

The in-office method requires you to visit the dentist once or twice, depending on the severity of stains and the shade you desire. The procedure starts with applying a material to guard gums and then the application of the bleaching agent takes place.

For whitening at home, you are given a mouthpiece which is filled with a whitening agent. It is placed in your mouth for several hours daily until you achieve the desired color. 

Toothpaste is also used to whiten the teeth. However, they are effective in removing stains only.


It is performed on the tooth, which has undergone root canal treatment. It is because this tooth is discolored or stained from inside. The teeth whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and is filled temporarily. The agent is removed by the dentist as and when required. 

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